Some Juicing Recipes for Health to Get a Fit Body

Juicing recipes for health are easy to be made. Besides, you can get the recipes from many sources, like book, internet sources, or even the health experts, to know which fruits or vegetables that are good to be mixed. Each fruit and vegetable has different nutrition and benefit for the health. So, you also have to know what you need to make the best mix for your juice. Moreover, to drink juice frequently is really good for your health, because it can be detoxification for your body. Here are some recipes that you can try at home.

Juicing Recipes for Health to Get a Fit Body

Do you often get sick? You might have bad immunity. You can stay healthy by drinking this juice. What you need are a half of cucumber, one golden beetroot, one pear in medium size, four stalks of celery. The other ingredients are ginger as much as a half of thumb and 3 big carrots. You can use the juicer to mix all of those ingredients to get the juice. By drinking it, you can get some nutrients like fiber, calories, carbs, protein and fat. This mix of juice is really great for your immunity. Then, you will not get sick very often and stay fit every day.

Juicing to Get a Fit Body

You have to not only keep the health of your body, but also your brain. It is important to keep you focus in doing your daily activities. If you are hard to concentrate while studying or working, you can increase your cognition by drinking a glass of healthy juice regularly. Beets are well known as the best food with high antioxidant that is able to increase blood flow from the body to the brain. Therefore, it is very great for boosting the cognitive function. You can make a juice of one beetroot that is mixed with three carrots I medium size and one sweet potato.

When working and studying, you need not only great concentration, but also full energy. If you always feel fatigued after working and studying, you can get your stamina back by consuming some foods that are rich of vitamin b2 and b6, and also mineral. You can try this recipe of delicious juice that can recharge your energy. Mix some ingredients like two stalks of celery, two cups of spinach, one apple, a half of cucumber, and two big carrots with the juicer. Then, if you want to stay healthy and have a fit body, you must try those juicing recipes for health.