10 Top Physical Therapy Schools in United States

If you are interested to study physical therapy, there are 10 top physical therapy schools. In here we will share you about the best school in United States that you can choose. Some of them are favorites and have good reputation. As you know, the famous and the best PTs doctor have been graduated on one of physical therapy school that we will talk about. So, it is better for you to pay attention on this article review.

10 Top Physical Therapy Schools Review

In this digital era we always find something that we want on the internet. In there you will find a lot of information about PTs and also the best PTs school. When you are deciding to become PTs doctor, of course you must go to university which have physical therapy program. In United States, there are many faculties have good program about physical therapy. As you know there are many good universities in US. So, here are 10 top physical therapy schools.

1. Columbia University
Everyone knows Columbia University has good reputation and the faculty programs have good future. Placed in New York, this university is one of favorites school in the world and the alumnus is always has good job. The most popular program in this faculty is economic, political science and government and then registered nursing. But in here also has another program which is good and favorite by student, it is physical therapy. There are 32,967 applicants for PTs program. Perhaps you can also try to get PTs degree in there.

2. University of Miami
The second faculty is University of Miami; in this school also has good physical therapy program that you can choose and study. There are 32 weeks of clinical internships and this programs also has 25 elective courses which are good such as women’s health, private practice management, complementary therapies to name a few, wellness, recreational activities for the disables and many more.

3. Washington University
Washington University located in St. Louis and this school also has good program of physical therapy. The student who is studying in here will have 125 hours of part time clinical experience. The clinical experience is usually on first two semesters. On second and third semester the student will complete 8 week full time clinical internship. After 4th semester the student will have 10 week internship followed by 12 week internship.

4. Arcadia University

The next best school of PTs is Arcadia University. In here students will follow 34 total week of clinical practice with 111 total credit hours and 32 months of program length. Maybe you can also try to apply in Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

5. University of Southern California
University of Southern California is one of the best schools for PTs program. In this faculty, the program also has Ultimate Pass Rate of 100% for the licensure exam and that was very cool. On first year and second year, the student will complete 2 week practicum.

6. University of Indianapolis
In University of Indianapolis is also has good program for PTs. The student will get doctor of physical therapy degree on 39 weeks of clinical practice, 115 total credit hours and 36 months program length. You will also study 7 subjects such as physiology, statistic, psychology, biology, anatomy, physics and chemistry and with 87% graduate rate and 100% of students pass on the first try exam for physical therapy license exam.

7. University of Delaware

The last top school for PTs program is University of Delaware. In here the average graduation rate is 96% and DPT program has 7 clinical internships. The student in University of Delaware in DPT program also able to get experience to following specialties like sports medicine, pediatric rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurologic and older adult and the last is clinical instructor. The students also have opportunity to enter into PhD training program and the graduates would receive PhD in Biomechanics and Movement Sciences or BIOMS.

8. Emory University
Emory University offers PTs program on 30 weeks total of clinical practice, 35 months program length and 144 hours for program credit with graduation rate 94%. The student on DPT program in Emory University also has 100% first try license exam pass rate.

9. Baylor University
Baylor University has 27 months program lengths and the average graduation rate is 97%. The students have 8 week clinical affiliation on first year and students will have a year-long clinical internship.

10. Northwestern University
The last top school with good physical therapy program is Northwestern University. The DPT program on Northwestern University has 98% average graduation rate and licensing exam 100%. Well, this university also offers 7 years DPT-PhD program that you can take.

Talk about physical therapy job is always interesting because the doctor of PTs has good future. When you are deciding to choose DPT program, perhaps top 10 schools review on this article will give you inspiration. So, make your dream comes true to become professional doctor of PTs with studying on top physical therapy schools.